Humidity Bead System is Nominated for the 2013 Cigar Journal Best Accessory Award
May 2013

Cigar Journal announces the Humidity Bead System®!
May 2013

Cigar Aficionado reviews the Humidity Bead System®!
May 17, 2012

Cigar Journal announces the Humidity Bead System®! Being Granted US Patent
February 2012

Cigar Journal announces the Humidity Bead System®!
February 2012

Cigarmony, LLC is Granted U.S. Patent
January 26, 2012



“While some humidity systems take a bit of doting, the Humidity Bead System by Cigar Sciences
acts more like a workhorse.

It kept the RH right in the sweet spot with no refilling and very little fluctuation despite a lot of traffic with
handfuls of new cigars coming in and out daily.

~Cigar Aficionado Magazine

 “The search for the ultimate humidification system for the desktop humidor has come to its end!”

Cigar Journal Magazine


The patented Humidity Bead System®  is a revolutionary way of maintaining a precise level of relative humidity in a closed environment. 
This cutting edge technology makes it ideal for storing cigars, electronics, hallow body musical
 instruments, herbal medicines, firearms, photos and art and much more. 

Why take chances when you can rest assured?

Protect your investment with the Humidity Bead System®  today!

Humidity Beads System
® Features
Precisely maintains your relative humidity
• Simple to use
• 100% effective
• No messy solutions
• Advanced micropore technology
• 4 sizes available

• Available for 65% RH and 70% RH
(custom orders in 40%, 50%, 60% RH available)

• Includes magnetic fasteners*(*excluding XL size)
• US Patented
• American invented, owned and assembled

• Shipped globally

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